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Corporate Event Catering in NY

Also Serving Hudson Valley, Catskills, and Upstate NY

Do you want your corporate event to be a success? Often, what you need is excellent food to tie it all together. Catskill Catering is proud to provide plant-based corporate catering throughout NY. Discover what plant-based food our company can provide for you.

Top-Quality Ingredients


Our approach to catered plant-based meals strives to be different. We believe in the importance of healthy and sustainable ingredients. We implement this by buying from local farms, making plant-based meals, and seeking out high-quality ingredients. And, of course, all our ingredients come together to make delicious and impressive meals your employees, consumers, vendors, and guests will love.


Flexible Menus


As corporate events host a wide range of people, our corporate catering reflects that. We can put together plant-based meals that are gluten-free, low-carb, dairy-free, and lactose-free. Additionally, we are happy to hear your requests and recommendations to put together a menu everyone can enjoy.


Original Cooking


You don’t have to worry about lackluster meals. Instead, you can rely on us to cook from scratch, providing a fresh, clean, and unique catering experience. You’ll receive only the best cooking from Catskill Catering.


Qualified Experience


Our founder, Chef Wendy, has plenty of culinary experience to make your plant-based corporate event catering a success. From studying with Master Michio Kushi to cooking at several plant-based restaurants, she has the skills, knowledge, and creativity to make innovative and delightful meals anyone can enjoy.


Various Events


We understand that corporate events are not all the same. You might have a small corporate lunch, a large corporate banquet dinner, or a general corporate gathering. With our experience, we can arrange plant-based menus for any size or type of corporate event you plan to host.


If you have a corporate event coming up where you want to cater plant-based meals, don’t wait. Contact Catskill Catering today at 845-688-9823. We will be happy to discuss your corporate catering needs and the menu we can provide.

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